Watch: How to Tighten a Shotgun’s Bite


Watch: How to Tighten a Shotgun’s Bite

If you use a break-action shotgun, especially a side-by-side, you might have noticed it getting loose. I have a few old heirloom clunkers which could definitely use some improvement.

When I say “loose,” I mean in the area where the barrels and receiver fit together. In this video, Larry Potterfield is joined by Jack Rowe, who demonstrates how to check just how bad the fit is — and how to fix it if it only needs a minor adjustment of the bite.

There are two bites. The rear bite engages with the bolt to hold the action closed. This process tightens up the rear bite, so the action won’t rattle and the lever will be once again right of center.

How does he do the work? With a two-pound hammer, of course!

It’s no good trying to do it with a small hammer; start with a big hammer.

Sounds right!

What he does is peen the steel to move some of the metal upward to raise the surface on which the bolt “bites” to latch the gun together. No need to add metal by welding, as you might assume would be the only way to renew the worn surface. Sweet!

A little cleanup with a file to remove evidence of the clobbering and polish, and you’re done. A simple process indeed.

I love Mr. Rowe’s British accent.

Closes like a safe door now, dunnit?


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