The Glock G-19-C Compensated


The Glock G-19-C Compensated

Compensated: To make up for or to counterbalance. Counterbalance? Now there is a term that really serves to explain this new design feature now available on the Glock 19. As you likely know, the G19 Glock is the compact version of the larger barrel/slide full-sized Model 17.

The Glock 19 is completely controllable in 9mm, but does have a bit of a snappy reputation. Most shooters of the G19 learn to deal with its muzzle flip. The 1.3-something-pound pistol without the magazine is no heavyweight, which is why so many love to carry it. Add another 9 or so ounces with a fully-loaded mag and the pistol has fair heft, but no overload.

So in order to compensate or counterbalance the G19’s muzzle flip, Glock has decided to make it in a “compensated” version. On the surface, this would seem to be a simple solution for shooters that might be overly sensitive to pistol recoil and muzzle rise. But before you go this route, fully investigate the feature before you opt for it.

The engineering of the compensator feature includes the addition of two barrel ports to direct combustion gases out either side of the barrel. Once the gas exits these barrel ports, the gas continues out via two parallel machined exhaust vents cut into the top of the slide.

All other specifications of the G19C are exactly the same as the standard factory G19, except the compensated model is .32 ounces lighter. Naturally this is because of the metal having been machined out of the barrel and the slide for the ports. That is the only difference.

Be aware though, what comes out of these ports is hot burning-powder gas and a momentary torchlike flame. This could easily become a distraction to the shooter, considering the pistol is held only a scant distance from the face and eyes. Certainly this is only instantaneous, but it could surely be disconcerting to some, especially in a low-light scenario. It does compensate for muzzle flip, though.

The Glock G19-C may not be for everyone, but it is a consideration if pistol muzzle flip and recoil are a sensitive issue. Either way, Glock performance is assured.

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