Watch: How Ammunition Brand Can Affect Accuracy


Watch: How Ammunition Brand Can Affect Accuracy

In this short video, Larry Potterfield takes a quick look at the differences in rifle cartridges between brands, and explains that the only way to know which will do best is to shoot it at the range. What he doesn’t say is that things like bullet weight, etc will also have an effect.

For instance, your 30-06 rifle may shoot Winchester 150-grain ammo accurately, but when it comes to 180-grain bullets for larger game, it may “prefer” a different brand. The only way to find out is to give it a try.

Similarly, when working up a handload you must remember that everything is important. Resizing (neck or full-length), case trim length, bullet brand, type, and weight, overall cartridge length, powder type, powder charge, and even the primer can make a difference. Range time is the only way to know how your rifle is going to shoot any given load.

And what’s wrong with more range time? Not a thing.


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