Booby-Trapped Boxes Deter Package Thieves


Booby-Trapped Boxes Deter Package Thieves

Don’t you hate it when a package gets delivered to your home and some lowlife piece of [bleep] comes along and steals it? Yeah, you can install cameras, but they can’t do much other than allowing you to watch your stuff go bye-bye. Enter the BlankBox, which uses 12 gauge shotgun blanks to scare the bejeebers out of anyone who lifts it up.

This video shows it in action. Cornhole in a hoodie approaches porch (apparently without ever having taken a lesson in gate-opening), boldly reads the note and fiddles with boxes, then reaches underneath the BlankBox, then beats a hasty retreat after triggering the blank.

And here’s a video showing how you set one up, after you buy it.

The popularity of the BlankBox has snowballed, and the inventor–just a guy who was tired of watching his packages leave in someone else’s hands–is having a tough time keeping up with demand. In fact, their website currently says this:

*Due to high demand please allow 14-21 business days for processing*

It’s worth a visit to their website just to see the bold female thief getting repelled by it.

It’s not cheap, by any means. The original costs $59.99, and an upgraded version that fires a pair of blanks is $84.99. Add about $15 for shipping.

The regular BlankBox comes with:

  • 11x11x8 cardboard box for disguise
  • Packing list slip to look official
  • The Blank Box
  • One blank trigger
  • Two blank shells

They sell additional blank shells in sets of 5 for about a buck apiece, plus shipping.

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