IWI Galil ACE 31: SBR Full-Auto Goodness


IWI Galil ACE 31: SBR Full-Auto Goodness

When people mention the word AK it makes you think of a rugged rifle chambered in 7.62 that’s difficult to control in full auto. Not so in the case of the IWI Galil ACE even with a short 8.5″ barrel. This particular variant, ACE 31 is a 7.62x39mm assault rifle that’s highly controllable in the right hands. Note there was barely any muzzle rise in the video below.

The rifle has the Meprolight MOR optic that is powered by fibre-optic, tritium and LED and has visible & IR lasers.

The IWI Galil ACE pistol (semi auto) with stabilizing brace is available from IWI US.


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