Watch: 300-Yard Offhand Shot at an Egg


Watch: 300-Yard Offhand Shot at an Egg

In this vid, we see a young lady named Kirsten Joy Weiss who obviously isn’t shy about using her beauty in combination with shooting skills to entertain people like you and me, and it works.

This video, like so many others these days, has annoying music in the background even during voiceover. Dear YouTubers: PLEASE STOP DOING THAT. Thanks!

Happily, this is an honest video in that we see the misses; like anyone else, she takes numerous before she finally hits that scrawny little cackle-berry.

Question: Does anyone reading this believe that a 300-yard hit from a 22 LR could possibly NOT break an chicken egg? Didn’t think so.

After making that odd suggestion, she told viewers she was going to “super-concentrate.” And apparently it worked!


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