Reminder: Unsupervised Children and Guns Don’t Mix


Reminder: Unsupervised Children and Guns Don’t Mix

Sad reminder from Jefferson County, Alabama to keep firearms away from children. It is our responsibility as adults to ensure children are safe. That includes keeping firearms secured and away from children.

It is not enough to put the gun on a shelf and assume the child can not reach it. Nor is it enough to tell a child not to touch firearms. It is absolutely not enough to “hide” a gun from a child.

From Alabama Local News – 7-year-old boy dead after accidental shooting in Jefferson County.

A young boy was killed in a New Year’s Day shooting in western Jefferson County.


The preliminary investigation shows the boy was in a bedroom handling the gun when it discharged and struck him. No additional details have been released.

I am at a loss for words. What is it going to take for people to become responsible gun owners?

How many people reading this article have children at home, and keep a loaded handgun next to the bed? They probably justify this by saying something like, “An unloaded gun is as worthless as a brick.” Is it too much to keep the gun in a locked box next to the bed?

Don’t want to fumble for keys at midnight? There are bio-metric gun safes on the market that operate with the touch of a finger. The BARSKA Biometric Safe sales for $164.99 on Amazon with Prime shipping, and operates with the touch of a finger.

Please be a responsible gun owner and keep your guns secured.

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