The Prepper Agent in Charge


The Prepper Agent in Charge

Do you have any idea of the response time for your local law enforcement department to send a police cruiser on an emergency call? How long would you expect that response time to be during a full blown SHTF event? If there were a complete breakdown of law and order during say a hurricane or similar natural disaster, how long will it take for rescuers to reach you? Remember Katrina? Remember Ferguson? Remember Baltimore?

Only in the movie Jack Reacher could the police show up just as the “whoop ass” scene was still underway. In real life, and in particular during a SHTF, the local law enforcement, emergency responders, and fire service are likely to be tied up with much more important issues than coming to your house to run off a bunch of thugs trying to bust down your door. They will get to you as soon as possible as priorities realign.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, when the big red balloon goes up as they say, or the ship goes south during the SHTF, then the bottom line lands on your doorstep and only your doorstep. What it means for you, is that then, or now, you and only you are totally responsible for your own protection.

This includes the protection of your immediate family, your property and all the material goods under your direct ownership. It’s on you since nobody else is going to come save you and yours. You are now the agent in charge.

This translates into piquing the fine edge of your awareness skills. Included in that skill set is the ability to make quick assessments of the situation and to formulate an immediate effective plan of action. This does not always mean or imply a direct confrontation with an assumed adversary. It could mean a judicious reversal of action to retreat to a safer domain or lockdown.

It could also require that you might well have to positively address any direct threat that could bring impending bodily harm to you or family members. Threats against property are tougher, but it is a call you might also have to make. This is all part of being the agent in charge.

Being the agent in charge also means you may have to supervise others, give directions or orders, and then follow up for assessment and evaluation. Supervision of others is neither fun nor very often rewarding, but it is a role you will have to play. The prepper agent in charge is just that.

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