Bond Arms Brings Back the Boberg


Bond Arms Brings Back the Boberg

Many guns come on the market and some of them go away never to be heard from again. Then, some others get a new lease on life when another company breathes new life into them. In this case, the Texas based gun company making first rate double barreled Derringer type big bore handguns has bought out the Boberg. Boberg Arms ceased operation in 2016 when Bond took them over.

Bond Arms has re-designated the Boberg into the Bond Bullpup 9mm CCW or the Bond Bullpup 9. The original Boberg Model XR9-S came out in 2011, but I never saw a single one at a dealer or gun show. Reviews of the press models were good. The pistol had a number of design features including a compact format and a grip with substantial grabbing surface.

The “Bullpup” label for a semi-auto pistol comes from the trigger forward positioning and the mid-grip design. The label is just a takeoff of the bullpup type rifles, but of course this being a pistol it is a different design. Bullpups are generally described as a design in which the trigger group is forward of the action. In this manner the Bond Bullpup 9 fits.

Chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge, the Bond Bullpup sports a barrel that is only 3.35 inches in length. The overall length of the pistol is a mere 5.1 inches. Weight with a magazine comes in at 18.9 ounces. With a fully loaded magazine the gun’s weight is 22.2 ounces. The pistol’s frame is made of 7075 aircraft aluminum, the slide and barrel are fabricated from stainless steel.

The slide has a blade type front sight and a rear drift adjustable 3-dot sight. Rear slide serrations aid in the grabbing of the slide for charging the gun. The Bond Bullpup 9 is double action only. Trigger pull is set at 7.5 pounds. Ammo capacity is 7 + 1 rounds.

The gun’s finished frame is a matte black anodized finish. The slide is a bead blasted stainless that aids in reducing glare and shine. The grips are made special in the Bond Arms Signature Rosewood. I have a Bond Arms Derringer with these grips and the wood and finish are beautiful. They also come with the signature Bond Arms Texas Star engraved into the wood panels inside a dot pattern grip surface. Suggested retail is $977. Check it out at

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