Preppers: Rating Survival Preps By Priority


Preppers: Rating Survival Preps By Priority

Pick a topic related to prepping. This could be food, knives, guns, fishing, stockpiling, storing food. Once you have a topic picked, prioritize items in that topic.

For example, let’s talk about knives. Out of your entire knife collection, pick a couple of knives that are your go-to knves. Not just an EDC knife, but also a skinning, camping or hiking knife. Think of it this way: If you were to grab a pack and head out on a 10 mile hike, what knife would you bring?

For me, that would be something along the lines of a:

  • Case Stockman.
  • Gerber Strongarm.
  • Swiss Army.
  • Leatherman Multi-tool.
  • Gerber BigRock.

Those knives would be given a priority of 10. Meaning the are my main go-to knives for various situations. Those knives (or multi-tools) are lightweight, and get the job done.

Next knives on the list would be something like the:

  • Cold Steel Recon Scout.
  • Cold Steel G.I Tanto.
  • Schrade SCHF 9.

Those would be given a priority of around 8.5 – 9.0.  Why in that range? Because they are heavy, large, bulky, and take up a lot of room in the pack. For the most part, a 3 inch blade will do the job just as good as a 9 inch blade.

There are some situations where the larger knife will do better than the smaller one. However, for cutting cord, opening a package of freeze dried food or an MRE, the 3 inch blade will do just fine. So why pack a knife that weighs 1 pound 4.85 ounces (Schrade SCHF 9), when you can carry a knife that weighs 2.30 ounces (Case Stockman)?

After several miles on a hiking trail, you will be asking yourself why you opted for the heavier knife.

Will we buy low priority items? Sure we will, because it’s human nature. For example, I have three cheap made in China compasses on the way. Each compass cost 99 cents and shipping from China cost $2.00. Why buy some 99 cent compasses?  Why not?  What will their priority be? Probably a negative 10.

Ok readers, do you prioritize your preps and focus on the important things? Or do you treat yourself to some low priority gear from time to time?


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