Toilet Paper: an Overlooked Prep


Toilet Paper: an Overlooked Prep

There is no good reason why preppers should not have some of the basic comforts of life even during the most dire SHTF circumstances. Few preppers or survivalists seem to want to discuss the basic issues of personal hygiene, elimination and proper disposal of natural wastes, and the normal movements of life, as it were.

I guess most just feel like they can “go” whenever or wherever they want. It is hardly that simple or proper procedures or safe for you, the prep family and indeed, your immediate environment. Some planning and precautionary measures need to be taken to dispose of such things correctly, efficiently, but then why not with some degree of comfort in the process.

If a SHTF hits and you have elected to Bug In, then maybe some utilities will continue to work. Paramount in that if you could select would be water service. In hot or cold climates, electric, or gas service would be super sweet, but without water, well, then things can really deteriorate quickly. With water your internal plumbing systems can continue to function. Otherwise, you will need to make accommodations outside. In town that could be touchy being in such close proximity to neighbors, but then, they will be in the same boat. Their boat.

Maybe you have stored enough milk cartons of water to keep things flushing in the house or perhaps a rainwater collection system to make water available for such tasks. These are things to think about and plan for just in case. Some sort of portable, or pop up outhouse is a good idea, too.

Even if you Bug Out whether indoor bathrooms are available or working or not, plan on the construction of outdoor facilities well away from your housing and in a protected area. Meaning to select an area where water seepage, drain off or such will not impact any water resources in the area.

Now, to the comfort issues. I have no idea how many rolls of toilet paper your family uses in an average week or month. Might be curious to calculate such a point of use. In that way, you could begin to store some up for any likely SHTF event. Consider also the storage of wet wipes, too. Those can be used for a myriad of personal hygiene issues. Paper products of all kinds, tissues, paper towels, plates, napkins and such will disappear fast from supply outlets. Just be ready with your own stocks.

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