Watch: “Made in Poland” Chainsaw Stump Grinder Conversion


Watch: “Made in Poland” Chainsaw Stump Grinder Conversion

If you have a workshop, some skills, and some time, you might want to think about cobbling together a stump grinder attachment for your chainsaw. And no, I’m not kidding.

This video from YouTuber “Made in Poland” shows the process by which he built a surprisingly-effective chipper/grinder attachment for his chainsaw. After the work, which is fairly straightforward, he demonstrates it on several small stumps.

It grinds them down pretty well, but what impressed me more was the shaping ability, as demonstrated in the last scene when he uses the attachment to shape a log. It brought to mind stockade posts, or simply quickly de-barking a log for use in log construction of any sort (fence posts, camp shelter ridge poles, or whatever).

What do you think? Would this be useful around your homestead or camp?

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