Easiest Way to Clean Your Shotgun: Fire it.


Easiest Way to Clean Your Shotgun: Fire it.

I recently learned about a thing called CleanShot, which is a specially-designed shotgun shell that will actually clean your scattergun’s bore when you fire it. So I stopped by to check it out at the 2018 SHOT Show Range Day.

The call it “The Easiest Way to Clean Your Gun,” and how can that be wrong? Shooting your gun is fun and easy, and firing a shot to clean the barrel ain’t hard to do.

Each 12 gauge 2-3/4″ shell contains a series of components to knock most of the crud out of your bore. Even if you prefer traditional cleaning methods, this can significantly reduce the amount of rod & patch work you need to do.

(Image: Huntego)
(Image: Huntego)

I saw a comparison of a fouled barrel after firing several shells, and after firing the same number of the same shells plus one CleanShot shell. The difference was impressive. CleanShot clearly removed the majority of the fouling.

They say it will work equally well in smooth and rifled bores and it won’t hurt your barrel.

Naturally, you need to fire it in a safe direction; each shell has a payload of small birdshot.

You can order from their website, plus they say they’re available in WalMart Supercenters.

Average cost seems to be about $2 a pop. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth that. Me, I’m planning to get hold of some to try out during turkey season and after shooting skeet at the club. I’ll be sure to let you know how well that works out.

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