Yankee Hill Announces New Silencer for 2018


Yankee Hill Announces New Silencer for 2018

During SHOW Show 2018, Yankee Hill Machine unveiled a new silencer – The Resonator.

Ya’ll may be thinking, “Yawn, just what we needed, another silencer.” Hang on a minute, The Resonator is different.  How is it different?  It can silence anything from 17 – 308.

The Yankee Hill rep I was speaking to, his name is Kevin. I asked Kevin straight up, “How can the silencer work on different calibers?”  Kevin explained it had to do with the longer silencer body.

The Resonator is about 1 1/2 inches longer than the standard 223 Remington Yankee Hill Machine silencer. Due to the longer length body, there is about a 3 – 5 decibel difference between the dedicated 223 / 5.56mm can, and The Resonator.

While The Resonator was designed for 308, when used with 223 Remington, there is a very slight decibel increase over the Yankee Hill Machine 223 silencer.

However, if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Meaning, when The Resonator hits the market and people get their hands on testing samples, we will see if it works as described. It is just a matter of time before The Resonator is put on a decibel measuring device. When that happens,m we will see if it works as described.

Special thank you to Kevin at Yankee Hill Machine for the interview.

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