Lancer Unveils 300 BLK Magazine At SHOT Show 2018


Lancer Unveils 300 BLK Magazine At SHOT Show 2018

Lancer Systems, (also known as Advanced Warfighter Magazines) unveiled a new magazine at the 2018 SHOT Show. This new magazine was designed specifically for the 300 Blackout (300 BLK) and the larger 200+ grain bullets.

One of the draws to the 300 BLK is magazines designed for the 223 / 5.56mm can be used for the 300 BLK.  Well, things have not worked out as advertised. There have been some reported readability issues when firing full automatic, and when using 200+ grain 300 BLK bullets in magazines designed for the 223 / 5.56mm.

To address the reliability issues, various AR-15 magazine manufacturers started producing magazines specifically for the 300 BLK. At SHOT Show 2018, Lancer Systems introduced their new magazine designed to address reliability issues of the 300 BLK.

While walking trough SHOT Show 2018, I happened to arrive at the Lancer Systems booth. There was a nice young man there who was eager to answer my questions.

One of the questions was, “What changes have been made to the magazine?”

The inside of the magazine has been widened (rib clearance) so the larger 200+ grain bullets can feed more reliably through the magazine.

Next question was about development. “How long was the new magazine in development before being released?”

The Lancer Systems representative said the new magazine had been in development for around one year before being released.

Going back to the draw of using 300 BLK in magazines designed for 223 / 5.56mm, “What about using 223 / 5.56mm in a magazine designed for 300 BLK?”

The company rep was not sure about using 223 / 5.56mm in the new magazine, which is fully understandable. He stated that as far as he knew, the magazine had not been tested with 223 / 5.56mm. Because the magazine had not been tested with 223 / 5/56mm, he had no comments about reliability.


One of the things that appeals to shooters who want to switch to the 300 BLK is being able to use decades of stockpiled AR-15 magazines. When that factor is drawn into question over reliability, then why switch to the 300 BLK?

Then there is the issue of keeping magazines that look identical to each other separate. What’s next?  Shooters going to keep two different vests, one with 223/5.56mm and the other for 300 BLK?

At first, it was this cool all-purpose round that could be silenced, or used for deer or wild pig hunting.  The lure was all we had to do was switch out the upper. Now, new magazines are hitting the market because of reliability issues?

In all honesty, I do not understand the draw of the 300 BLK.

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