EverCalm Deer Scent Makes You Smell Like a Deer’s Bed


EverCalm Deer Scent Makes You Smell Like a Deer’s Bed

I happened upon an interesting booth on the way to an appointment at the 2018 SHOT Show, and circled back to check it out. The company is ConQuest Scents and what got my attention was the “first-ever deer calming scent” banner for a scent called EverCalm.

I’m clearly late to the EverCalm party (it’s been around for several years), but I can’t be the only deer hunter who’s been living in ignorance. So here’s the lowdown.

I spoke with a kindly gent whose voice would be welcome in any deer stand; it was so soft that I had a tough time hearing him about the bustle of the crowd. The bottom line is that EverCalm is made on their deer farm, using scents from deer bedding areas. Deer naturally associate those smells with safety, security, and relaxation, so when they inhale the aroma they automatically feel more relaxed.

It’s available as stick or liquid; the stick looks more useful.

Here’s a 30-second video to check out:

And another short video telling you how to use it:

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