Phone Skope Universal Rifle Scope Adapter at SHOT Show 2018 Range Day


Phone Skope Universal Rifle Scope Adapter at SHOT Show 2018 Range Day

Phone Skope is an American company which they say was begun as a father/son project while scouting for elk in Utah. Their products allow users to take photos and video through spotting scopes, binoculars, and more–now including rifle scopes.

At 2018’s SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range I received a Phone Skope case and universal adapter, which I’m looking forward to trying out on a spotting scope sometime. But what interested me most was the universal rifle scope adapter, which allows you to use your phone to collect video while you shoot, without interfering with your normal view through the scope.

Here’s a promo video demonstrating it:

Aside from recording hunts, which is what I’m most excited about, this can also be a great help in teaching new shooters. If someone is having a tough time with consistent accuracy, viewing some video might tell a seasoned shooter what’s going wrong so they can provide some helpful hints.


When shown on bolt-action rifles in the video, the phone is on the right side of the gun but rotated upwards a bit. This could make it awkward to work a bolt handle, especially in a hunting situation when rapid reloads are a boon. Someone asked in a YouTube comment whether the phone could be mounted on the right, and the reply was, “You can mount it on the left. I believe you just have to flip the glass on the inside of the adapter.”


Cost of the phone “case” seems to run between $40-$50, which seems like a lot for a small hunk of plastic, but they’re made in the USA and molds aren’t cheap. A universal adapter adds another $35 or so. MSRP of the rifle scope adapter is expected to be $130-$150, and they should begin shipping in early summer of 2018.

I hope to get my hands on one before long so I can try it and tell y’all more about it.

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