Experts: Global Pandemic Will Happen


Experts: Global Pandemic Will Happen

Say the word “pandemic”, and chances are few people will know what you are talking about.  Say the word “epidemic,” and people may have an idea of what it means. Go one step further and ask them to name a pandemic, and their eyes may glaze over as if they ate one too many donuts.

Plague of Justinian? Nope.

Black Death of 1348-1350? Wasn’t that an album cover for Black Sabbath?

Plague of 1666? Nope.

Spanish Flu? Didn’t we read about that in high school?

Swine flu outbreak of 2009? Nope.

Flu epidemic of 20017-2018? Not really.

To give an idea of how disconnected the average person is from the news – after Hurricane Katrina, most people could not locate New Orleans on a map. Even though main stream media had talked about New Orleans flooding for weeks, the average person could not point to New Orleans on a map.

It is situations like that which makes this news report from the Daily Mail so worrisome.

A global pandemic WILL happen due to international travel warn experts.

Elhadj As Sy, secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, told AFP: ‘Pandemics are becoming a real threat to humanity.’

Dr Sylvie Briand, a specialist in infectious diseases at the World Health Organisation, added: ‘We know that it is coming, but we have no way of stopping it.’

The pair were speaking of their concerns at a Davos discussion called ‘Are We Ready For The Next Pandemic?’.

Are we ready for another pandemic? Absolutely not. The United States is gripped with a flu epidemic, yet I did not see a single public health poster about the flu at SHOT Show 2018.

What the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention are saying, and what local health departments are doing do not add up.

SHOT Show had attendees from all over the world, yet there was not a single poster talking about flu prevention. Nor was there any hand sanitizer handed out. The only hand sanitizer was located outside the bathrooms. I saw zero public health information at the 2018 SHOT Show.


  • The CDC talking, but not doing,
  • Local health departments not acting,
  • People not paying attention,

That is what will help a new pandemic break out. On top of all that, international air travel will facilitate the spread of the disease.

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