Watch: Forgotten Weapons Q&A #15


Watch: Forgotten Weapons Q&A #15

In this video, Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons covers a plethora of fan questions, from potential gun designs by Ian (don’t hold your breath) to which guns have most disappointed him (there are two; both derived from the Johnson).

Oh, and like millions of other Americans, the first gun Ian ever purchased was a marlin Model 60 semi-auto rimfire rifle.

Here’s an index of the questions, followed by the video. Enjoy!

0:00:36 – Have I considered designing the perfect gun?
0:02:38 – Dealer sample machine gun market
0:07:20 – Stocked pistols and pistol-carbines
0:10:53 – P14 & M1917 nomenclature
0:12:45 – Particularly good and bad manuals of arms
0:16:10 – CMP 1911s
0:18:57 – What could compete with the AR-15/M-16?
0:21:04 – What are the criteria for something being a “forgotten weapon”?
0:22:52 – Why did the Japanese switch from 6.5mm to 7.7mm?
0:26:23 – Why side-mounted magazines on SMGs?
0:28:47 – Could the 7.62mm Tokarev make a resurgence?
0:31:00 – 7.92x41mm CETME ammunition
0:36:02 – Disappointing guns and filming injuries
0:39:45 – Difference between RIA and James Julia auction houses?
0:43:35 – What was my first gun?
0:44:21 – Sterling SMG magazines
0:45:14 – Revolver cartridge conversions of the 1870s
0:48:15 – My off-grid living experience and videos
0:49:52 – Forgotten Weapons logo, supporting the channel, and my FN-FAL
0:53:25 – Constant recoil systems
0:55:00 – Lack of British arms developments
0:57:37 – Single-rune K98ks and fake collectibles
1:00:25 – Practical application of the SAW/LSW
1:04:43 – Last ditch weapons in WW1?
1:07:42 – French 1873 vs Colt 1873
1:10:40 – C&R shooter that isn’t a Mauser?

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