50 Cent Compass as a Backup?


50 Cent Compass as a Backup?

What good is a 50 cent made in China compass? That is what I thought to myself while scrolling through the listings on Ebay. The purpose of the visit was to find a new map compass for the 2018 hiking season. The current map compass is several years old, so something new was in order.

While scrolling through Ebay looking for something simple (and cheap) that would fit the bill, some very inexpensive compasses came up in the results. They looked barely larger than a quarter, or maybe slightly smaller than a 50 cent piece.

The price was 99 cents for two compasses, plus shipping. How much did it cost to have them shipped from China, a whopping $2.00. Several compasses were added to the cart, then payment was sent. A few weeks later a small package was sitting in the mailbox with the compasses inside.

Holding the compasses level, and given a few seconds, they would all orientate north.

Purpose Of a 50 Cent Compass?

On the back on the 50 cent compass is a flap that paracord can slip under. This allows it to attach to a paracord zipper pull, or any other piece of paracord.

The compass can also slip over MOLLE webbing.

Weighing less than an ounce, and costing 50 cents each+ shipping, every pack can be outfitted with its own backup compass.  Should this be used as a primary compass? Of course not. What it can do however, it makes sure each pack has a compass.

Living in a rural area provides certain opportunities, such as being able to walk out of the front door and go on a several mile long hiking trip. Because of this, several backpacks that are kept ready to go.  Besides the packs having canteens and canteen pouches, they now have a compass.

Is a 50 cent compass with it? For its intended purpose, I think it is worth it.

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