Preppers: Winter Hibernation Is Over


Preppers: Winter Hibernation Is Over

Okay guys and gals, it is time to call game on winter. If winter is not over in your area, it is surely in its death throes. Weather is starting to warm and dry up. In just a few weeks it will be time to plant the garden, go fishing, hiking, camping. Some people fish year round, so the weather change is no big deal to them.

For a lot of people, the only exercise we got during the winter months may have been walking to the car, walking into work, walking back out to the car, then walking inside the house. Also, the limited amount of sunlight during the overcast winter months left our energy levels depleted.

Between gorging during the holidays and winter hibernation, it is not uncommon to pack on a few pounds. Some of us may feel down that we let a few pounds creep up on us. However, we can not let those feelings get us down.


Just get outside and go for a walk. Some of the trees, such as the dogwood, are starting to bloom.  Clover are starting to sprout from the ground. Take a walk, enjoy the warmer weather, soak up some sunshine, and see if the first signs of spring can be spotted.

For those of us who plan on a hiking trip this spring, walking is an excellent way to get the legs out of their winter hibernation. Just get the blood pumping and get those legs working.


If the reader has a boat, now would be a good time to give it a preseason check up. Hook the water hose to the engine and crank it up. Chances are the battery will be dead.

Are all the lights working? Boat and trailer have their tags? How do the trailer tires look?

Local sporting goods stores should be getting their spring outdoor selections in. So maybe it is a good time to get some new lures?

On a personal note, I need to spend some time on my boat and get it ready. There is a hiking trip I want to go on that in on a local river.

Hibernation Is Over

The winter of 2017-2018 has been a doozy. Parts of the nation saw cold weather like we have not seen on a very long time. This winter has also been a very wet one. It has been day after day of nothing but rain. Here in southeast Texas, it has rained every weekend for the past month.

Thankfully, the winter blues and winter hibernation are almost over. Hopefully, the spring and summer of 2018 will be as memorable as the way the year started.


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