If New Gun Restrictions Were Set To Pass, What Would You Buy?


If New Gun Restrictions Were Set To Pass, What Would You Buy?

Imagine for a moment that there’s an absolute Democratic blowout in the mid-terms later this year, and the “Blue Wave” sweeps the GOP out of power and gives the Dems a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate.

There’s celebration and jubilation across the left. Finally, something is going to get done about “gun violence.” But what, exactly?

You can bet Dianne Feinstein would revive her updated Assault Weapons Ban, which outlaws the sale of new magazines over 10 rounds to civilians and grandfathers in all existing mags and guns.

“Universal background checks” are also probably in the cards–no more private-party sales without going through an FFL, at least not legally.

So what, if anything, would you rush out and pick up?

For my part, I think there are a few answers to this.

At one end of the spectrum, if the restrictions are really serious, the answer would probably be “nothing.” That’s right: if they’re really trying to crack down on the right to keep and bear arms, then the proper reaction is not to hoard, hide, and hunker down, but to get out and make it clear that we will not comply.

In the case of the weaker restrictions above, I would probably pick up a few semi-autos. I’ve had my eye on a few semi-auto shotguns, and I also need an AK variant in my arsenal.

I’d also hit the online classifieds to pick up a few more guns “off the books,” as it were. No FFL records, no paper trail, just cash. This is perfectly legal where I am, and I’d avail myself of it.

It seems extremely unlikely that anything is going to pass in the near-term, and a Dem blowout is by no means guaranteed at the end of this year. So it’s definitely not time to panic, yet. That said, is it just me or are 30-round Magpul Gen 3 mags a bit scarce out there? I know I’m picking up some new 30- and 20-rounders this week, because you can never have too many.

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