Watch: Colt 1855 10 Gauge Revolving Shotguns


Watch: Colt 1855 10 Gauge Revolving Shotguns

I have always had a penchant for long guns that are also revolvers. I can’t explain it, but there it is. So when I saw this video from Ian of Forgotten Weapons, I knew it was gonna be for me.

Although the video contains two guns, the one being auctioned at the time was sold by Rock Island Auction Co. for $4,313 back in 2015. It’s a whopping 10 gauge, with a five-shot cylinder. Oh, and it’s a front-stuffer, so it’s loaded much like a cap & ball percussion revolver.

I kinda like that this system, being used on black powder guns, places the hand and the cylinder stop behind the cylinder in the frame. This helps mitigate the intrusion of black powder fouling into the workings of the gun.

I like it. Do you?

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