Watch: Vintage USFS Axe Training Video


Watch: Vintage USFS Axe Training Video

“Good axemanship.” “No swing wasted, and no lost motion.” “Men are not born skilled axemen.” These are some of the credos mentioned in this vintage video, in which we learn about axe selection, how to properly swing an axe, how to take down trees with an axe, how to cut felled logs, how to split even big wood with an axe, and more.

Only a few minutes in, I learned something I didn’t know before; that a double-bitted axe has blades of different thickness. Having never used one, I’d just assumed the two blades were identical.

A [simple but effective] chopping pattern has been suggested… which should eliminate the aimless and dangerous practice of ‘chewing down’ trees.

Good advice.

This picture should stimulate interest in a definite procedure, but always remember this: Although you selected a good axe, which is properly fitted and perfect for good chopping, you are judged by how you handle the axe.

I hope this old educational film is as interesting to you as it is to me. I’ll be looking to try that upward swing for clearing brush.

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