Students Set up GoFundMe to Fund a School Shooting


Students Set up GoFundMe to Fund a School Shooting

Two students in Arizona set up a Go Fund Me account so they could buy ammunition for a school shooting. Another student overheard one of the students talking about bringing a gun to school, and reported the conversation to school officials.

This can’t be real, right? Who in their right mind would plan a school shooting, much less post something so stupid on the Internet?

From the Daily Mail: Two students arrested after setting up GoFundMe account to raise money for ammunition to ‘SHOOT UP’ their high school.

Deputies say a 15-year-old student had threatened to file off a gun’s serial number then take it to school.

A second pupil, who deputies say had access to weapons at his home, reportedly helped set up the GoFundMe account to raise money to buy ammunition.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement: ‘The site explained that ammunition was expensive and they needed help to shoot up Combs High School.’


Have young people lost a connection to reality? Who in their right mind takes steps to not only plan, but raise money for a school shooting? Did the kids not realize what they post on the Internet can be seen by others?

It is as if they were asking for money to play a video game? The idea of asking for money so the kids can shoot up a school seems very nonchalant. Let’s just just this on the Internet, nobody would ever report it to the school, or the police, or the FBI.

The again, the local police and FBI had warnings Cruz wanted to shoot up a school, and no action was taken. Maybe after the Pearland shooting, police and the FBI will take threats more seriously?

Maybe we should also ask where the parents are at? Are the parents talking to the kids and asking how things are going at school?

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