Watch: Homemade Cannon That Shoots Bowling Balls 2 Miles


Watch: Homemade Cannon That Shoots Bowling Balls 2 Miles

Here’s the perfect example of American ingenuity: A fellow who started out by making a small cannon to shoot golf balls and worked his way up to this one, which fires bowling balls as far as two miles. And every Independence Day, he invites friends and neighbors to come watch him fire it!

After a brief intro, we see him loading a prefab powder charge into the cannon, followed by a big black bowling ball–after he cleans out a hole in it for loading purposes while discussing how versatile black balls are as compared to colored plastic bowling balls.

After that, the fuse is ignited and he gets busy aiming the cannon, saying they usually have 3 to 4 minutes of fuse burn time, although he was once surprised when the Chinese fuse burned as quickly as a minute and a half.

The video quality isn’t the greatest, but this is just some friends having fun together, and it’s pretty cool.

I definitely want one.

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