Watch: Making Rockets From Sugar & Kitty Litter


Watch: Making Rockets From Sugar & Kitty Litter

So this guy, the King of Random on YouTube, was playing around with model rocket engines. Unfortunately, they cost about $17 a pop! So he did some research and next thing you know, he’s making his own little thrusters at the rate of two for a dollar, which take his rockets almost 1/2 a mile up.

I enjoyed this line: “We’re gonna need a small blender that we’re not afraid to damage.”

It’s pretty simple, really. You use some clay (kitty litter) as plugs for each end of a short section of PVC pipe, with a mixture of stump remover and powdered sugar between the plugs. Drill a hole, add a fuse, and you are ready to fly.

This seems like it could be pretty handy for signaling, and maybe even for passing ropes over long distances or impassable spans. Connect a light messenger line, fly it across with a rocket engine, and use the messenger to pull over a heavier rope to span the gap.

On the other hand, that idea might suck. Can you think of any better uses for these sweet homemade rocket engines?

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