Watch: Shooting Pub Darts With Slingshot and Crossbows


The crazy slingshot-loving German is back, and he’s up to his old tricks. Doing weird stuff with slingshots, that is! And this time he’s stumbled onto something pretty sweet.

Take a dart — you know, like the ones used in pub games — and throw it sideways, and it aligns itself during flight, because the tip is so much heavier than the vanes in the rear. So why not do the same with a slingshot?


It works pretty well, burying the tips deep in solid wood from 15 meters. But is he satisfied? Nah.

So, he built a crossbow for shooting darts! With a red dot scope, of course. And it works pretty slick, too.

Is he satisfied? Of course not! So he conjures up a repeating crossbow to fling darts.

Enjoy, my projectile-loving friends.

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