The Purge Alert System


The Purge Alert System

If America had a national alert system, how would you react if it should go off? In fact, we do have some facsimile of such a system when it comes to weather alerts. NOAA issues timely weather alerts as warnings to impending bad or disaster weather on the horizon. Ideally, this should give the warned area and its resident’s time to react, to evacuate or to lock down.

In the movies The Purge and the Purge-Anarchy, once a year, there is a 12-hour purge night allowing the legal murder of anybody, of course, except high level government officials. Does that exception sound familiar? Anyway, citizens have 12 hours to kill a hated boss, shoot a bad neighbor or any other desired “purge” to cleanse the soul as it were of aberrant behavior. What if America had such a system? How would you react and prepare? What if that 12-hour signal alarm went off right now?

The whole point of this fictitious scenario is to point out the importance of home security and prep action in the likelihood of future SHTF events. Of course, at the central heart of this discussion and reaction to emergencies is the preparation and planning for such an event, any such event.

Often we are caught off guard by a pending disaster or we are given very little time to react in a calm, organized manner. A storm may pop up on the horizon and the news bulletin gives us an hour(s) or maybe even a scant few minutes to prepare, lockdown, or escape. Other times such as a hurricane warning usually days in advance, we may have time to react in a more deliberate manner, maybe not.

In prep for such events, then a great deal of planning with a dedicated thought process is required. First, what will you do? Stay home and last it out, or grab some BOB bags, load the SUV and hit the road? What would you pack and take? How would you secure your home? Answer these questions now before you are pressed or forced into a survival decision situation. Don’t wait for the siren to go off.

Sit down and start writing a plan. Consider all the options, every possible situation, all needs of every person and then start equipping and supplying yourself. Practice the skills necessary to bug in, lockdown, or bug out. Be ready. Don’t forget, the alarm could go off at any time.

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