Case Winkler Skinner Knife Reshoot


Case Winkler Skinner Knife Reshoot

It turns out that the Case Winkler Skinner I did the unboxing shoot of was a prototype, and not the final product. Daniel Winkler spotted the mistake in the pics, and sent me the final knife, which you can see in the gallery, below.

So what’s different? The biggest difference is the black finish, which is much shinier and slicker and less textured on the finished product than on the prototype I got.

The handle on the protoype is also more polished. It’s shinier, the slabs are thinner, and the tang is more tapered near the bottom. The pins that hold in the slabs are also more flush with the contours of the slab. So in all, the fit and finish are even better on the final product than they were on the prototype.

I will say that I’m partial to the textured blade finish on the prototype, but I tested both the prototype and the final version with a Swedish Firesteel and they seem to throw the same healthy spark. So there’s really nothing to complain about.

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