Opinion: As History is Forgotten, Freedoms Erode


Opinion: As History is Forgotten, Freedoms Erode

Let’s be honest: The final goal of gun grabbers is not regulation or restriction, it is confiscation. Anti-gun groups will not be satisfied until every single firearm is handed over to the government and destroyed.

Disarmament flies in the face of a free nation. No group of people can call themselves free while at the same time being disarmed by the government. Somehow, someway, people have disassociated gun rights with freedom.

The second amendment was written to ensure the people would be armed to protect themselves from their own government as well as protect the nation from outside invaders. Those who say the AR-15 should be banned because nobody hunts with it does not understand the essence of the second amendment.

Historical Examples

For some reason, the modern education system does not teach young people the importance of a free people being armed.

For example, take this comment posted as a reply to a comment I made on YouTube:

Look to history and name me one definitive successful militia army.

Here are some examples:

  • United States Revolutionary War.
  • Texas Revolution, 1836.
  • Battle of New Orleans, 1815.
  • Battle for Florida led by Andrew Jackson.
  • French Resistance, World War II.
  • Russian Resistance (Soviet Partisans), World War II.
  • Polish Resistance Movement of World War II.
  • Vietnam Conflict.
  • Iraqi War.
  • Afghanistan, against the Russians and the United States.
  • Los Angeles Riots, 1992.
  • Rough Riders, 1898.

Yet, people still think citizen militias could not protect life, liberty, property, or a nation.

Government Stability

Gun grabbers think the United States government is above reproach. They claim it would be impossible for the United States government to fall.

Who would have ever thought the Russian monarchy could be overthrown by a revolution? The Russian Revolution of 1917 saw the Russian monarchy overthrown and replaced. Ask a college student what the Bolshevik Revolution was then wait for an answer. A correct answer will most likely not be forthcoming.

Who would have ever thought a bunch of starving civilians armed with muskets would beat the best armed and best trained army in the world? Ask one of the gun grabbers how the American Revolutionary War would have turned out if the people had been disarmed.

Other Examples:

  • German occupation of France.
  • German occupation of Poland.
  • Japanese invasion of China.
  • Japanese invasion of the Philippines.
  • Mexican invasion of Texas, 1836.
  • Spanish invasion of Mexico, 1519.
  • Cuban Revolution, 1953 – 1959.
  • Chinese Revolution of 1911. Qing dynasty, 1636–1912, was overthrown by revolutionaries.

Just as with the Battles for Texas and New Orleans, an armed populace can help defend the nation.  Disarming the people would weaken the nations civil defense integrity.

Call For Confiscation

Think gun grabbers are not after your grandpa’s shotgun? Think again.

From VOX – What no politician wants to admit about gun control.

Realistically, a gun control plan that has any hope of getting us down to European levels of violence is going to mean taking a huge number of guns away from a huge number of gun owners.

The key words there are “taking away.”

Rather than demanding places like Cook County Illinois enforce gun laws, gun grabbers want more laws.  Laws to the effect that “huge numbers of guns are taken away from huge numbers of people.”  Between 2006 and 2013, Cook County Illinois (Chicago) dismissed 13,000 gun cases  yet gun grabbers want more gun laws when the ones on the books are not enforced.

A new tactic of the gun grabbers is to cite the gun laws of Australia, which is rather juvenile. They try the grade school tactic of, “Don’t you want to be like Billy?” Just because one group of people are willing to give up their rights does not mean another group will. So the answer is no, we do not want to be like Billy.

The honest truth about Australia is that gun crime was already on the decline before the new gun laws were enacted.

The Next Genocide

The article from VOX talks about getting gun crime down to European numbers by disarming huge numbers of people.

A question for the people of Europe: What will you do when the next Hitler rolls through your nation, rounds up various groups, and sends you all to the gas chamber?

The people of Europe and Australia have willingly disarmed themselves. There is nobody but your government to protect you. Once the government falls, you have no means to protect yourself.

How well did the Maginot Line protect the people of France from Germany in 1940? It didn’t. The German forces rolled over the Maginot Line and barely batted an eye. Luckily, some French people had guns and were able to mount a resistance.

The people of Poland mounted a resistance to Germany and Russia.

Native Americans resisted the United States Government.

Texans mounted an armed resistance to Mexico.

History Will Repeat Itself

Whether it was:

  • The Spanish invasion of Mexico 1519,
  • Mexican invasion of Texas 1836,
  • German invasion of Poland 1939,
  • German invasion of France 1940,
  • Japanese invasion of China,
  • Native American genocide by the United States Government,
  • The Holocaust,
  • Bosnian genocide,
  • Armenian genocide… etc.

Always remember this: Those who talk about gun control are not interested in peace.

History will repeat itself. When history does, thank your liberal friends for talking you into giving up your guns.

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