Grip Frame Printing


Grip Frame Printing

A huge part of concealed carry is making sure nobody can tell that you are toting a firearm. This is not only in some cases easier said than done, but in some states requiring a concealed weapons permit there are legal issues at stake as well. If you “pack,” then you should not want the outside world to obviously know that you are. As well, if you carry, it may be contrary to local laws to expose a weapon.

Even when you might have earned the Enhanced Permit for concealment by taking an actual course requiring a session at a firing range to demonstrate your skill level, you are still responsible for keeping yourself in a low profile mode. What is a grip frame printing and how do you avoid it?

Grip frame printing is simply the frame or grip of a handgun, pistol or revolver showing through clothing as normally worn. This imprint is a dead giveaway to others, especially those perhaps intent upon threatening activity to know you are carrying a weapon. They are thus forewarned, which may or may not deter them. It might spur them into action.

Concealed carry then means just that, concealed. Just like an over packed or too thicket wallet carried in the back pocket, it is obvious to anybody taking a look. You know you have seen this. If you are carrying a firearm on your person, then you do not want others seeing the outline of that gun on your hip or under your shirt or jacket.

Reducing grip frame imprint can be accomplished in a number of ways. First, a careful selection of the carry gun you intend to conceal is paramount. Forget it if your carry gun of choice happens to be a Desert Eagle or a similar large handgun. There is a practical balance between choosing a firearm with effective power, but in a small package size that can be carried without notice.

Many choosing to carry concealed pick an inside the waistband holster or IWB. The pistol slips into the holster which rides inside the waist of your pants supported by the belt. Some OWB holsters can have a low profile, too. Such carry is often covered by an untucked shirt or a jacket depending on weather. Lucky for concealed carry, outside shirts are popular now.

Holsters can also be worn just back of the waist pelvic hip or in the small of the back. Still an outside shirt aids in concealment. Practice with your carry mode to be sure it does not print.

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