Watch: DiResta Welds a Pocket Clip to a Leatherman


Jimmy DiResta does a lot of cool stuff, as well as some questionable things. Throughout most of the video, I wasn’t sure which one this was going to be, but in the end, I like it.

Many, if not most, “OEM” methods of tool carry are less-than-ideal for me. I often carry a knife in the way DiResta totes this tool; tool inside pocket with clip outside. I dislike pouches or sheaths on my belt, and as he observes in the video description, Leatherman clips allow the the tool to hang crooked, and they can also break.

Well folks, the clip he makes in this video sure as heck won’t break anytime soon! And the tool is easy to access  by lifting up on the clip. I like it–a lot. And I might tote a multitool larger than my Leatherman Juice if I had a clip like that to keep it up high.

What do you think of this cool tool mod?

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