American Suppressor Association’s (ASA) Public Statement


American Suppressor Association’s (ASA) Public Statement

If you were not aware that there are a LOT of people riled up in the US about firearms right now, you might be living under a rock.Tuning in to the evening news can be very depressing at times when all that seems to be reported is negative segments about various events occurring in America right now. It’s even more disheartening for gun-owners because our 2nd Amendment Rights are being challenged on a near daily basis as of late. The American Suppressor Association (ASA), who is a champion for silencer and firearm rights in America, is very well aware of this, too. They recently released this public statement regarding everything that is currently going on.

Suppressor advocacy isn’t just our top priority; it’s our only priority. On both the State and Federal levels, we are doing everything in our power to create opportunities for pro-suppressor reform to advance. If/when the right opportunities present themselves, we will be ready to take action.

There are also a lot of anti-gun bills being proposed right now, some of which are aimed at suppressors. As many of you know by now from our efforts to pass pro-suppressor legislation, the bill process is a long one. There are many steps to the process, from sometimes multiple committee hearings, to votes in both chambers, before a bill is signed into law. Most of these bills will never see the light of day, but rest assured that if any anti-suppressor bills start to gain traction we will be the first to fight them tooth and nail. Until they do gain traction, we will not use our voice to publicize any anti-suppressor legislation that is destined to fail.

While it is often frustrating to see these bills introduced at all, we don’t want to lend any credence to them by even acknowledging some of the far fetched plans that seek to deny your right to own a suppressor. In a mid-term election year where candidates are trying to establish a platform and record of action, many are choosing to publicize their desire to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners as a means to gather votes. We refuse to help publicize their efforts by making a statement against every single proposed bill.

We are an organization of, by, and for the suppressor community. We appreciate your continued support for our work. Please know that we are working hard every single day to defend and advance your rights. We will not rest until every law-abiding citizen has the ability to use suppressors to help protect their hearing!

So for any silencer advocates or gun-owners who may have been wondering why the ASA has not been more vocal as of late, there was a specific reason why. They do not want to give their anti-gun (and anti-silencer agenda) anymore limelight than some people are already shedding on it.

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