Colt Canada SA15.7 & SA20 Collector Series


Colt Canada SA15.7 & SA20 Collector Series

At the TacCom Canada show this past weekend in city of Ajax, Canada. Colt Canada was showcasing their limited edition SA15.7 (semi-auto, civilian verison of the C8 Carbine) and SA20 (semi-auto, civilian version of the C7 rifle). SA15.7 will be limited to 300 pieces and SA20 is limited to 200 pieces. Both of the serial # 001 firearms were shown as they just finished production from the factory and delivery to dealers will start shortly.

Colt Canada (formerly known as Diemaco) is famous for supplying their rifles to the British SAS, Royal Danish Army and various special forces worldwide. Unlike Colt USA, their rifles all feature cold hammer-forged barrels and they claim to have over 100 changes compare to the original M16/M4/AR15 design. They are sought after worldwide due to their quality.

Unfortunately, these are not available for sale outside of Canada.

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