Five Inexpensive Survival Preps


Five Inexpensive Survival Preps

There is a thread on the forum preppers/survivalist may want to read – So inexpensive , it’s shameful not to stockpile. Just as the title implies, what are some items that are so cheap, you should be ashamed for not stockpiling them?

I call this the “Can Opener Effect.” We get so focused in the big things we often overlook the small stuff.  For example, we may stockpile months of freeze dried food, but forget to buy can openers.

Some Of The Items

Salt – This was talked about in another article here on All Outdoor, Salt, Salt and More Salt. Salt is a necessary nutrient, is used in cooking, canning, and preserving meat. My personal salt stockpile contains non-iodized and iodized.

Knives – Amazon and Ebay have more cheap knives that anyone can shake a stick at. I stockpile these for gifts or handouts before I take someone on a hiking/camping trip. Look for knives on Amazon that are either add-on items or have Prime shipping. The past few Amazon orders I made included either first aid items or a cheap pocket knife.

Rice – Over the past few years the price of rice has gone up, but it is still affordable. This stuff use to be almost dirt cheap, but not any more. Keep the rice dry, such as in a pantry, and it will last for years. Store rice in mylar bags with an oxygen absorber and you are looking at a 20 year shelf-life. Rice is one of the foundations of cajun cuisine.

Beans – For a lot of people living in the southern part of the United States, rice and beans would make a full meal. Pour some pepper juice over the rice and beans if you want some extra spice. Want some extra filler, add some sausage slices. We can learn a few lessons from the Cajuns on beans and rice.

Clothes – That’s right, clothes. Garage sales, estate sales, and Goodwill. Not for nice clothes, but for work clothes. I have no idea how many shirts have been ruined working on my truck. Need rags? Take the shirts bought from a garage sale and cut them into rags. A tugboat I worked on would buy boxes of rags. The rags were nothing more than shredded clothes.

Final Thoughts

Stuff like the salt, rags and knives never expire. How many of us work on stuff around the house and need a rag?

How many add a salt when cooking? Salt will never go bad. The stuff has been in the ground for millions of years. Putting it in a container is not going to change that.

Okay guys and gals, what are some cheap items you stockpile?

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