The Hidden Victims of Gun Control


The Hidden Victims of Gun Control

For the most part, main stream media portrays gun rights activities as paranoid angry white men who are afraid the government is coming for their guns. There is a demographic main stream media ignores, as this group does nothing to help their gun control agenda. We are talking about minorities.

Imagine if you would, a rural farmhouse tucked away in the backwoods. It is a cool fall evening, just a few hours after the sun has set. The family had just finished eating dinner when a group of Klansmen ride up on horseback.

The father of the family walks outside with a single-shot 20 gauge shotgun loaded with squirrel shot. In this timeline, the AR-15 had been banned several years before.

The alternative is, the father opens the front door, blinds the Klansman with his Surefire weapon mounted light, points his AR-15 with 120 round drum magazine at the group, and tells them to get off his property.

Sounds a little far fetched?

When Malcom X was in fear for his life, his took up an M1 Carbine and taped two magazines together.  Who wants to bet if Malcom X had access to an AR-15 he would have used one?

1992 L.A. riots after the Rodney King verdict, store owners used whatever weapons they had to protect their property. There are numerous pictures of Asian store owners armed with everything from a Mini-14 to a DaeWoo.

Yet, the gun grabbing liberals say semi-automatic weapons have no place in the hands of civilians.  When racial tensions flare, or when riots erupt, everyone should have an equal opportunity to protect their property and family.

Liberal gun control groups sometimes use minorities as a scapegoat. Gun control proponents claim they want to protect minorities, while at the same time disarming them. When minorities speak up about their gun rights, they are usually demonized by liberal gun control groups.


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