7 Zippo Survival Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed


7 Zippo Survival Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

In the video below, our favorite Crazy Russian takes a peek at some cool camping/survival items from Zippo, which most folks have probably never heard of.

His Zippo rundown includes:

  1. Waterproof Emergency Fire Kit
  2. Compact Emergency Fire Starter
  3. Mag Strike Ferrocerium Fire Starter
  4. Typhoon Windproof Survival Matches
  5. Paracord Zippo Lighter Pouch
  6. Catalytic Hand Warmer
  7. Campfire Carrier

The fire starters seem to work pretty well, and the included kindling appears to burn for a good long time. The matches are on the huge side, strike when wet, and even burn underwater, so they should come in right handy in a pinch.

And he’s right — I had no clue that Zippo sold paracord pouches for their lighters and fire kits or that they offered a handy-dandy little toter for firewood, kindling, and everything else you need to build a campfire.

Who knew?

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