Sharecropping After a Collapse of Society


Sharecropping After a Collapse of Society

For the sake of discussion, let’s say there is some type of collapse. This could be due to nuclear war or some kind of viral plague. You and your family grab your bug out bags, walk out of the city and travel to the rural areas.

After traveling for what seemed like forever, your family eventually arrives at a farm. The farm owner says you and your family can stay in a shack at the back of the property. The catch is, your family has to work for the farm owner.

What do you say?

The family would have a roof over their head, food to eat, a bed to sleep in, and all your family has to do is work the fields.

Some people may call this slavery, but it’s not. Slavery is involuntary servitude.

The agreement is more along the lines of an indentured servant. The person agrees to work for a land owner in exchange for housing and other basic needs. Another term people may use to describe the agreement is sharecropping.


Let’s say an individual owned 100 acres. Since it would be pretty much impossible for him to work that 100 acres, what would be the logical thing to do? The logical thing to do would be to lease the land out. However, this would be after a collapse and paper money would have no value. What would people have to trade? Their manual labor comes to mind.

For a small land owner it would be pretty much impossible to sharecrop. However, and for example, why couldn’t a land owner with several acres allow people to work a portion of their land in return for some of the crops, and a place to live?

For example, a mile or so from my home is a nice fellow with several acres of land. It would be pretty much impossible for him and his wife to work their acreage. Some of his land is nice open fields which are ready to be worked by hand.

This brings up another topic of land owners forming cooperative communities. However, we will save that topic for another article.

Final Thoughts

In the event of a collapse, land owners and people needing a place to stay could work out an agreement to the benefit of all parties involved.

Urbanites fleeing the chaos of collapsed cities may find the change of pace rather pleasant.

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