Bank of America Discriminates Against Gun Manufacturers


Bank of America Discriminates Against Gun Manufacturers

A Vice Chairman for Bank of America, Anne Finucane, has made it publicly known through multiple sources that Bank of America will not lend money to or finance to gun manufacturers any longer.

Allegedly, Bank of America had been having discussions with the few undisclosed gun manufacturers they were previously working with for months now. In an interview on Bloomberg recently this all came out and this is the discussion that occurred on April 10th.

Bloomberg Reporter: What’s Bank of America’s stance on lending to gun companies that manufacture certain weapons?

Anne Finucane: Well, let’s just start with… we want to contribute in any way we can to reduce these mass shootings. Ahhh… I mean… that’s such a tragedy in the United States. So that’s #1. We do have a few, ahhh, manufacturers of military style firearms… we’re in discussions with them. We have let them know that we are going to… its not our intent to… ahhh, under-write or finance, ahhh, military style firearms on a go forward basis.

Bloomberg Reporter: So does that mean that you are going to get out of lending to companies that manufacture military style weapons that’s used for civilians?

Anne Finucane: Yes.

Bloomberg: Full Stop? 100%?

Anne Finucane: Yes.

Bloomberg Reporter: What about retailers that sell those guns, etc… would you be looking into that as well?

Anne Finucane: Well, the problem with that is that gets into civil liberties and the 2nd Amendment and, ahhh… I mean, that’s a good public dialogue, but that’s a ways off. For us, we have just a handful of manufacturers, they know what our intentions are, we have had, ummm, ahhh, intense, ahhh, conversations over the last, ahhh, few months and its our intention not to finance, ahhh, these military style firearms for civilian use.

Bloomberg Reporter: What was their reaction?

Anne Finucane: Mixed…

Bloomber Reporter: Mixed?… In what way?

Anne Finucane: We’ll just leave it at that. They’re our clients, and, ahhh, we have enjoyed a relationship with, but you know, there are those who will reduce their portfolio and we’ll work with them… others will choose to do something else.

The amount of times this Vice Chairman stutters, stumbles, uses filler words and uses the term military style firearms is startling.

A fun drinking game that would leave anyone drunk on the floor is any time an individual who knows nothing about firearms says the term “military style,” you have to take a shot of whiskey. In this 2 minute interview the term came up 4 times alone.

I love whiskey, but a shot every 30 seconds is a pretty good pace to maintain for anybody.

Hopefully Bank of America re-thinks their current position on firearms for gun manufacturers because this could come back to bite them in the butt in the long run.


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