M+M M10X-DMR 7.62x39mm Rifle Being Tested


M+M M10X-DMR 7.62x39mm Rifle Being Tested

Following up to an article published back in November last year, we wrote that M+M Industries announced the new M10X-DMR rifle made to comply with Canadian regulations. We now have photos of this new variant and some videos of it being tested in the US.

The main differences between the US M10X and Canadian M10X-DMR is the longer 18.6″ barrel that is 2mm thicker. The new DMR safety which is smaller, more snag-free with a lighter spring with noticeably less effort to switch between safe to fire. The new, improved 2-stage trigger that has much shorter initial travel with a flat trigger face while retaining approx. 4-4.5 pounds pull weight. The new charging handle that can be switched to the left side with a simple push-twist design. The bolt carrier will also be much better finished, showing no machining marks.

Overall the gun is about one pound heavier but it certainly didn’t feel that way.

I do feel the new safety is on the small side, but it is compatible with any M249 SAW or FN SCAR safeties.

First shipment of approx. 160-170 units are expected to land in Canada in first week of May with rate of production increasing steadily thereafter.

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