Watch: Can a Log Cabin Protect You From Old West Guns?


Watch: Can a Log Cabin Protect You From Old West Guns?

In this video, Paul Harrell asks and answers the question of whether a log cabin offered any true protection against “old west” guns and cartridges that were popular during the time when more folks lived in log cabins.

The intro to this video is tough to listen to, due to the amusement-park music in the background. But bear with it, because like most PH videos, the shooting will begin soon enough.

They built a “block house” of 4×6 lumber, which is a bit on the wimpy side for replicating a sure-nuff log cabin, and started shooting it.

Cartridges used on the block house include 38 S&W, 45 Colt, 44 WCF (44-40), and 45-70 Gov’t. Only one went through; can you guess which?

After that, he takes on an actual wall of six-inch-diameter logs. In addition to 45-70 and 44-40, he tries a .54-caliber muzzleloading rifle.


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