Smith & Wesson Brings Back the Model 19


Smith & Wesson Brings Back the Model 19

For several years now, Smith & Wesson has quietly brought back several classic models of handguns that ended production some time ago. With great gnashing of teeth and heartfelt mourning, the lovers of these revolvers remained in therapy until a few of them were slowly reintroduced. The new versions are not identical to the old versions, but they’ll get us by I guess.

The original Model 19 was the basic K-frame, light(er)-weight revolver in 357 Magnum/38 Special. I always called it the “Bill Jordan” model, because he was the lawman who truly made this handgun classic. Now, the new Model 19 comes as a “Classics” produced through the S&W Performance Center, two decades after it was removed from the Smith catalog. Welcome back!

The first Model 19 I owned back in the early 80’s was blued with a 2.5-inch barrel. It was a handful with full-strength 357 magnum loads, but a sweet puppy when I fired 38 Specials. For some reason, I talked myself into having that revolver coated with an electroless nickel. It was a matte finish and held up well. Another handgun I wish I still owned.

The new Classics Model 19 will be issued in two versions. First up will have a 4.25-inch barrel in blue finish, with custom-type walnut stocks similar to others being put on Classics models. It will have adjustable rear sights and a red ramp front sight, and a traditional thumbpiece to release the cylinder.

I feel certain this new model will be met with considerable enthusiasm because the 19 has been out of production so long. The MSRP is set at $826.

The other Classics Model 19 is a new version, the Model 19 Carry Comp. The front sight will be a tritium night sight. Grips will be unique custom wood and synthetic boot grips. The 3-inch barrel will be Power Port vented for maximum recoil control, and this 19 will feature a trigger overtravel stop and the action will be PC tuned for a smooth DA and a light SA pull. The MSRP on this one will be $1092.

New Model 19s will be a welcome sight. For more info check them out at

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