SRM’s Unique New “Next Generation” Shotgun


SRM’s Unique New “Next Generation” Shotgun

New shotgun designs are far and few between, but the new SRM semi-auto shotgun is most definitely the result of out-of-the-box thinking. The SRM practically redefines the approach to tactical shotguns.

SRM Arms hails from St. George, Utah. This is hardly the type of locale one would think of for producing state-of-the-art weapons, but here they are. At first glance the SRM Model 1216 looks like a laser weapon out of a Star Wars or Galaxy movie. SRM calls it “The Next Generation Shotgun.”

Next generation indeed. The primary shock value to SRM’s new design appearance is the upfront view of its rotary, detachable, high-capacity magazine that holds 16 2 ¾ or 3-inch shells. There are actually three models of the SRM shotgun: 1216, 1212, and 1208 delineated respectively by the number of rounds they hold (16, 12, or 8).

The SRM is built around an ergonomic design that is easy to hold and shoot with its “AR” type pistol grip. As noted by the SRM marketing language, the SRM “provides unsurpassed firepower, force multiplication, and tactical advantages.” It certainly should.

The shotgun has a roller delayed action that provides a fast cycling time frame, with reduced felt recoil. It’s fed by the quad-tube, revolving magazine. This enables the shooter to stay on target to concentrate the firepower on the intended target.

As you can well imagine, being able to send 16 shotshells downrange in short order is quite an application of firepower. This shotgun can handle game loads, trap loads, slugs, 00 buck, and other loads.

Size-wise, the SRM 1216’s overall length is 34 inches, with an 18-inch barrel and a weight of 7.25 pounds. The top of the action includes an integrated picatinny rail with a three-face handguard rail for mounting accessories like optics, sights, lights, and other tactical goodies.

Disassembly is simple via pushpin takedown and break-open design to facilitate easy maintenance. Another nice feature is the ambidextrous receiver, with controls that can be set up to function on either side for right- or left-handed users.

More details can be found at and orders may be placed placed via email ([email protected]) or phone (888-269-1885).

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