Norinco CQA M4 Commando 10.5″ SBR


Norinco CQA M4 Commando 10.5″ SBR

Norinco/Polytech rifles are banned from import into the US due to the Clinton Ban back in 1989. Here we have a rare close look of their AR15 clone, called the CQA, in 10.5″ a.k.a. M4 Commando configuration.

In this latest batch of guns, they have included ambi mag release, safety and even a bayonet lug. These rifles are available in the rest of the world such as Canada and South Africa. The guns come in sealed plastic bags drenched in preservative oil and the finishing is not the best even when compared to Tier-B or C AR manufacturers, but they are known to work without malfunctions provided they’re cleaned and lubed.

The cost of manufacturing have risen in the past few years in China, however, these are still popular among gun owners around the world. Would you like to add this to your collection? Comment below.

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