EDC: You’re Probably Carrying More Than You Think


EDC: You’re Probably Carrying More Than You Think

Much is written about the EDC or Every Day Carry, but not all of us purposely carry heavy each and every day. This then implies the concealed carry of a firearm, some small pistol or revolver toted inside the waist band or outside of our pants or perhaps in a purse as the case may be. However, what else or other items might you be carrying right now that could be used in a self-defensive mode?

You might be surprised as to what you have access to right now on your person. But additionally here are also some suggestions for other items to carry with you on a daily basis just in case the need arises to defend yourself.

Naturally, a concealed carry handgun would be a top carry item. If you do not have a CCW firearm and the training to deploy it, then it might be time for you to step up to fully arm yourself. Everybody’s situation is different in terms of their daily routines, travel routes, or places of travel. If you have to go into less than desirable areas where you live or work then consider again a move to carry concealed.

So, empty your pockets and purses to see what you have. First on that list would be car or house keys, the longer, bigger the better. Held and gripped between your fingers, a metal key can be a formidable tool for jabbing. Holding one between each finger made into a fist thus becomes a bastion of jabbing and poking power. Try it in advance to get a feel for its potential.

What else? Your pocketbook or wallet may hold credit cards or I.D. cards with sharp edges for a slicing motion. A metal card would be all the better. If not, then consider carrying a folding knife designed for clipping onto a pocket or inside a purse. Pick a model that is easy to open or flips open with one hand or thumb. Small fixed bladed knives in a sheath can work, too.

Consider adding a tactical pen or even a combat spike pen. I have one made by Smith and Wesson that is just a spike with a pocket clip and a pointed end. Held in the hand with the thumb on the top, it can be a used for jabbing, and poking. I bet it would bust out glass, so I keep mine on the sun visor in the car.

Other pocket items to be used for a variety of means might be a small metal flashlight, a multi-tool, and certainly your cell phone. When pinch comes to shove, remember what you carry every day.

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