School Shooting Cut Short by On-Campus Armed Officer


School Shooting Cut Short by On-Campus Armed Officer

The presence of good guys (and gals) with guns in schools is absolutely the most effective way to fight against the evil of criminals who wish to commit murder, and this was re-proven just yesterday, when a police officer at Dixon high school in Illinois reportedly confronted, pursued, shot, and wounded the 19-year-old former student who “fired several shots near the school’s west gym.”

The current senior class was gathered at the gym for graduation rehearsal at the time. Officer Mark Dallas was the school resource officer who responded to the threat by confronting the crook.

The suspect fled the school and the officer pursued him, Howell said. The gunman then fired several shots toward the officer, who shot back, wounding the suspect.

The suspect was arrested just west of the school and was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. No students or staff were injured, thanks to the actions of the officer…

The student had apparently been expelled from the school for drug-related reasons, and students described him as “smart and friendly, but sometimes erratic.”

Dixon police chief Steven Howell lauded the officer’s actions.

Because of his heroic actions countless lives were saved. We are forever indebted to him for his service and his bravery.

Until we can address the cultural problems indicated by such things as widespread mass murder, the best and most effective way to prevent armed criminals from doing their dirty deeds is to respond in kind. When a bad guy shoots, good guys must shoot back. And that can’t be done in “gun-free zones” where non-criminals remain unarmed.

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