Polymer bullets? Inceptor Ammo is a top company already!


Polymer bullets? Inceptor Ammo is a top company already!

Yes, I said “polymer bullets” and I am not talking coated, I am talking about full molded polymer bullets with copper injected in the mixture! To be more specific I am talking about a “newer” company, Inceptor Ammo.

I was asked about this ammo and had never tried it, so I got a hold of the company and was able to get my hand on some. So I really wanted to put it through the test to really see what it can do!


The BEST way you can test any ammo is in a Ransom Rest. Not many people have this rest as it is not cheap, but if you really want to know what the ammo will do, this is how you test it. So Inceptor was about to be tested!

Now let me give you a little bit of info on Inceptor ammo, it is an injected polymer/copper mixture bullet. They make regular range/target ammo which is what I tested today and also personal defense ammo. It is American made ammo, not imported which is always a good thing.


The biggest claim is “FLATTER. FASTER. FRANGIBLE” and I can say in all honesty after shooting steel a few times with this and then after the accuracy testing today, it REALLY does what they say it will do! And it is flatter shooting, it is smokin’ fast out of the gun and yes you have not one issue with shooting steel with this Inceptor ammo! I have now shot a total of 1000 rounds of this 9mm RNP Inceptor Ammo and it works.


For the testing we did it indoors at our gun club so there was no wind interference what so ever and it can be a controlled environment. I set the Ransom Rest up in a stall and the target was set at 75 feet.  I shot 250 total between the rest and then outside at targets.


The Inceptor ammo, I was shooting the RNP made for Range/Target. Now my gun was not sighted in for this ammo but as you can see in the photo it was not far off! And not being worried about the sighting being on for testing I was more interested in the group size. After a few test groupings tightened up. Which I knew would happen as the gun had been scrubbed and sonic cleaned the night before. You all know about “fouling the barrel” right?

So as the testing went on the groups got better, again which is expected. Overall I was very impressed with how well this performed across the board of all the testing. This truly is my first time ever with polymer bullets. I really didn’t know what to expect in the final results. I have to give Inceptor a full 5 stars out of 5 because it really does what they claim, and in today’s world that is a rare thing.


If you do not reload (which you can fine tune ammo to your gun) and only buy new ammo to shoot for anything from just plinking to match shooting, click on the link below and check out everything Inceptor Ammo has to offer, I promise you will find any type of ammo you will need.


Click on the link to get your own Inceptor ammo:


I am also happy to report that Inceptor Ammo has become a sponsor of mine now for all my “New” ammo needs which is all ammo I need for classes I teach, Concealed Carry/Personal defense classes and advanced pistol classes. I use Inceptor for everything but my matches, I reload for those.

Hope to see you out there on the range!
Ron Gunner

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