Confronting Multiple Home Invaders


Confronting Multiple Home Invaders

The news film clip was pretty clear. Three thugs took a huge brick from an outside wall and used it to crash through the back door of a residence. There was only one occupant at home at the time and she met with an ill fate. She was neither prepared nor able to defend herself, especially against multiple assailants. It would be tough enough for anybody who was prepared.

Are there effective strategies when overwhelmed by more than one attacker at a time? We’re not talking crowds or gangs here. In this situation we are focusing primarily on being at home, or maybe at work in a confined building when confronted by one or more threats, but not a whole gang assault.

The bottom line is that there is more than one target to deal with. Many other unfavorable conditions may exist. It could be night time with lights out. The multiple assailants might have breached the building from more than one entry point. You have no idea if they are armed or with what, but one has to assume so. But the main question is, are you armed and ready to respond to such a threat?
Always have a contingency plan in place and practiced. Have quick access to one or more guns of a variety with some extra ammo. Keep your cell phone close. Maintain a working flashlight in every room, charged or with fresh batteries at all times.

In your favor, you should know where they are, but they do not know where you are, initially. You know the layout of your house, doorways, exits, rooms, garage, lights, locks, an attic, or basement, closets, or other hiding spaces, etc. Use all this to your advantage. Ideally, get everybody out an exit and away from the structure as immediately as you can.

If this is not possible, quickly move to the safest space and barricade yourself in. Dial 9-11, then load up. You may already be in that room, or if not alone, quickly assemble everyone else into one room. This may not even be possible, as the intruders may move inside too quickly.

If this cannot be done, then you may be forced to stand your ground. Work from behind sturdy furniture or hardened doorway. There are training courses to practice such scenarios and hone the necessary survival skills. Take them, share them. Be ready.

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