Using Holidays as a Bug Out Trial Run


Using Holidays as a Bug Out Trial Run

Memorial Day is upon us, and people will be heading to various lakes, rivers, and camps all over the nation. Leaving home for two or three days could be a good time to practice and observe various prepping plans.

For example, there were times when my children got home from school on a Friday, they walked in the front door, I told them they have 30 minutes to pack, then and we are heading to the camp for the weekend.

The kids headed to their rooms, grabbed a backpack, and processed to fill the pack with various items. It is rather funny how children overlook everyday things. Before we left the house I went through their backpacks. One had nothing but shorts and a couple of shirts. I asked about stuff like tooth brush, underwear, socks… etc. He realized what had happened, went to the bathroom, and grabbed a few more things. After doing this a few times over the span of several years, the kids were able to pack a backpack with stuff they would need for a weekend.

Then came the routine of arriving at the camp. Each child was taught various responsibilities, such as opening the valve on the propane tank, or turning on the water pump. When we arrived, I would ask who wanted to do what, and they would pick the things they wanted to help with.

Once stuff like the hot water heater was lit, and the water turned on, then we would go about making the beds, wiping the countertops down, and a few other odds and ends.

The next day the pit would be fired up, or we may have a campfire to cook hot dogs. The kids would play in the creek, go 4-wheeler riding, do some target shooting, just typical stuff kids do at a camp off in the woods.

For the most part I tried to stay off the lake during the holidays. I felt the combination of boat traffic and people drinking while boating was an unsafe combination. If the boat was taken out on a holiday, it was mostly on the Angelina River

Something else the kids were learning was how to manage the camp if no adults were around. Eventually the kids would grow up to be adults, but they were taught these skills from the time they were children. In a worse case situation – pandemic, nuclear war. If the kids could make it to the camp, they would have food, water, and shelter.

Besides all that, enjoy the holidays and have a great time with the family.

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